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    The FAP series agitators are vertical agitators with clamp. They can be used in processes of mixing, dissolution and dispersion whenever powerful and high-speed agitation is required in the food processing, cosmetics, pharmaceutical or chemical industries. These agitators are fixed to the wall of the tank by means of a clamp, thanks to the joint, they can be inclined to the required position.

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    These agitators are used in the processes of mixing, dissolution and dispersion whenever powerful and high-speed agitation is required in the food processing, cosmetics, pharmaceutical or chemical industries.

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    The FB 100 – FB 200 blender is used to dissolve solid/powder products into a circulating liquid.This blender is a compact unit, it consists of a centrifugal pump with a venturi system on the suction side and a hopper with a butterfly valve above the venturi to add solid product to the pumped liquid. In this blender, the suction and venturi system are set horizontally. The venturi system and the suction of the pump creates a negative pressure at the base of the hopper. When the valve of the hopper opens, the solids are drawn from the hopper and are dissolved in the liquid when they pass through the casing of the pump. To achieve the best possible dissolution, it is recommended to recirculate the product (batch production) untill all the solid/powder product is sucked in and then, when the solid product is completely incorporated into the liquid product, continue recirculating the product for a while. In some cases, it can be used in-line depending on the solid product to add and the r

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    The FB 300 blender is used to dissolve solid/powder products in recirculated liquids. It has a wide range of applications, for example, preparation of pharmaceutical syrops or dissolution of pectin in glucose for marmalade production. Every model has an option with an in-line mixer for a complete dissolution of possible lumps. The typical applications are reconstitution or stabilization of milk in the production of dairy products, and dissolution of sugar for the production of syrup in the beverage industries..

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    The FBM series of high shear bottom of the tank mixers present a highly hygienic solution for the processes of dispersion , emulsifiying, homogenisation and disintegration of solids in the food processing, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and fine chemistry industries.

    The bottom of the tank mixers are designed for the applications of the highly viscous media and intended for work with anchor type agitators.

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    The FDP pump is a lobe rotor positive displacement pump of a sanitary design suitable for use in the dairies, foodprocessing, beverage, pharmaceutical and fine chemicals industries.

    This pump is perfect for managing all kinds of fluid, of either low or high viscosity, in the food-processing, dairies, and cosmetics industries, as well as for filtering and bottling applications.

    Fluids containing fragile solids such as junket can be pumped without damage thanks to the specially designed lobes.

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    The FIM series of the inline high shear mixers offers a possibility to pump, disperse, homogenize and emulsify products with one and the same equipment. Numerous chemical, food-processing, pharmaceutical and cosmetics production processes require this system due to the lack of space inside the tanks for vertical or tank bottom mixers.

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    The bottom side entry agitators are used in process and storage tanks in the applications of the food-processing industry. The main application is agitation of low viscosity products like wine, oil, milk, beer, alcohol, etc. in large volume tanks.

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    Twin screw pumps are predestistinated by their operation mode and the construction for low shearing and smooth handling of sensitive products.

    The axial transporting movement, without changing direction,as well as the non-contacting intermeshing screws,provide optimum results.

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    The FVM series of the high shear vertical mixers present a solution for the processes of dispersion, emulsifying, homogenisation and disintegration of solids in a wide range of products in the foodprocessing, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and fine chemistry industries.

    These mixers are intended for work under the atmospheric pressure and with the products of either high or low viscosity. The mixers are recommended to work with anchor type agitators if the application involves highly viscous media.

    Operating principle

    The high speed and adjusted tolerances between the rotor and the stator result in high suction potential, the product is suctioned from the bottom of the tank and driven to the centre of the head. The product is suctioned from the lower part of the head and the rotor thrusts it radially.

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    The Jetmix model has been designed to mix products which need a low degree of shearing in applications requiring a homogenous result. The high turning speed of the turbine generates the suction necessary to start the circulation of the liquid inside the vessel.

    Once drawn towards the turbine, part of the product is subjected to radial flow generated by shearing. The rest of the product is directed towards the bottom of the vessel, following the circulation generated by the axial flow.

    The characteristics of this mixer prevent turnover of tank content before homogenising, mixing or dissolving. The design of the grooved body helps the pumping capacity of the mixer, achieving effective mixes in small and medium volumes without using baffles.

    Moreover, the anchoring system and mechanical sealing system means these units can be installed in nitrogen vessels with positive pressures and/or vacuum. As a result, these units are ideal for homogenising, dispersing, suspending, mixing, cr

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