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Twin screw pumps are predestistinated by their operation mode and the construction for low shearing and smooth handling of sensitive products.

The axial transporting movement, without changing direction,as well as the non-contacting intermeshing screws,provide optimum results.

Max.flow: 160 m³/h
Max.flow: 100m3/h
Max.differential pressure: 20 bar
Max.working pressure: 25 bar
Max.working temperature: -10 ºC – +130 ºC
Max.speed: 950 rpm
Viscosity up to 1.000.000 mPa·s
Various kinds of drives and protections (gearbox drive with optional frequency converter, pulley/mechanical drive speed selector).
Trolley and/or control panel. Connections: clamp, SMS, RJT, etc. ATEX version available.
Mechanical seals: SiC/SiC or TuC/SiC.
Cooled mechanical seal, pressurised double mechanical seal, lip seal or O-ring seal. Gaskets in FPM and PTFE. Relief valve on the front cover or external by-pass.. Self priming without any auxiliary device.