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Fully automatic sludge liquor separation system

AMSYS guarantees double advantages: The fully automatic sludge liquor separation system is extremely easy to maintain with its simple cleaning process, and also impresses with unique cost efficiency. The technical sophistication is in recording the measurement in a measuring section outside the container. For this purpose, the measuring equipment and the pump are separated from one another in the system. This systematically avoids measurement inaccuracies and malfunctions due to drying, entanglement or soiling.

The sludge liquor separation system measures the dry substance value exactly at the withdrawal point of the medium – at the discharge pump. As a result, the measuring equipment is stored separately from this. This layout ensures a high and constant measurement accuracy. The system also takes minimal man hours for cleaning and maintaining the measuring equipment. In addition, the workload for integrating it in existing sewage treatment plants is low – the key argument for system concepts up to expansion levels of 50,000 PE.