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The FB 100 – FB 200 blender is used to dissolve solid/powder products into a circulating liquid.This blender is a compact unit, it consists of a centrifugal pump with a venturi system on the suction side and a hopper with a butterfly valve above the venturi to add solid product to the pumped liquid. In this blender, the suction and venturi system are set horizontally. The venturi system and the suction of the pump creates a negative pressure at the base of the hopper. When the valve of the hopper opens, the solids are drawn from the hopper and are dissolved in the liquid when they pass through the casing of the pump. To achieve the best possible dissolution, it is recommended to recirculate the product (batch production) untill all the solid/powder product is sucked in and then, when the solid product is completely incorporated into the liquid product, continue recirculating the product for a while. In some cases, it can be used in-line depending on the solid product to add and the r